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Author Newbie Tag 2.0

If it wasn't for the amazing friends I've made while venturing into the writing community, this writer-thing could have been pretty dang lonely. Sure, I shared my love for writing with family and friends, and even mustered the courage to ask a few to read what I'd written. But, as writers, we all know how that goes. Something gets lost in the translation, or maybe you have to share the passion to fully appreciate it?

So, many of us settle before the mighty keyboard as if it's a solitary thing, but as the writing process stretches on, I've come to know writing is most certainly not a solo sport.

On that note, I thought it would be tons of fun to participate in the revised Author newbie Tag created for the #Authortube community. The tag was created by Jenna Streety, but we don't need to be on Authortube to join the fun though!

What’s your book’s pitch? If you have multiple works, choose your favorite!

I have two WIPs currently. Since Panophobia is more fleshed out, I’ll attempt a short and simple pitch for that.

A damaged woman relives her past in order to potentially lay it to rest.

If you were a book, how would you pitch yourself?

Awkward and socially anxious, what's this dog mom up to on a Friday night? *Gasp!

What do you usually write?

Stories I would enjoy. I don’t like to box myself into one genre and because I’m not pursuing the traditional route to publishing; I think I can get away with that. I enjoy writing darker stories with psychological elements and all around struggle. I write things with personal meaning. I need to care about the purpose of the book. Others might not know the motivation behind a plot point or a character’s reaction etc, but I do. To me, that’s important. I want my characters to endure real-life scenarios and I want the readers to secretly learn something new about me through some of them.

What’s something you’ll NEVER write?

I’ll probably never attempt to write historical fiction or a western, but I’ve also said I’d never write a fantasy -let alone read one. Yet, I’ve had some ideas in that genre. So, I wouldn’t say I’d never write something. My preferences aren’t set in stone. I’ll probably never but who knows.

What’s your goal for creating an author platform?

Foremost, to share what I’m doing! I think I get more excited about my work when I can share it with someone else. Yes, I’m writing for myself first but I’m also hoping someday to share all of it with others. Of course, I’d love to create a little exposure but, I’m far from the publishing. I’m only just beginning the drafting stage, I have a lot of time to do that.

What made you want to start writing?

As I’ve said in Writing Panophobia: Beyond The Pages, my mother’s love for reading made me want to write a story she’d love - one she’d be willing to ruin in the bathtub. I have a severe case of social anxiety (Social Phobia) so, being able to write when I can’t always bring myself to speak is amazing. I have a lot I want to say but lack the confidence through my physical voice. Writing is different. I’m much more confident in what I’m writing. Each word has a meaning and a purpose. I get to decide which words I use.

What’s your publishing path? (Self publish, traditional publish, hybrid, haven’t decided yet, or just write for fun?)

I’m leaning all the way toward self-publishing. I don’t have the heart or patience to attempt traditional publishing. Here’s my honest take of things, you can write an amazing story and never make it through the traditional route. Great books are declined, and that’s just how it is. I do not believe just because you get accepted that your book is better than someone’s who didn’t.

While self-publishing has gotten a bad reputation, I believe it’s a great option. You can make a name for yourself and have success - as long as you’re not publishing unedited stuff. Seriously, get an editor.

What content do you bring to the writing community?

Beyond what I post on my Instagram and author page on Facebook which pertains mostly to my writing, I created a writing group online and manage it with fellow writer Danielle Apple. Writing Tips & Feedback has about eight hundred members and is full of writing tips, tricks, hacks, advice, etc. Members post about their work, ask questions, support, and encourage each other.

What’s your biggest writing struggle?

My biggest struggle has to be keeping the momentum going. I fizzle out. I can work scenes and characters in my head all day long but the moment I try to put everything into actual words I have trouble. This probably stems from wanting the words to flow and read nicely instead of just getting them written. I put too much pressure on myself to write pretty sentences and it leads to writing nothing. Editing is where things get pretty, not before.

What’s your best writing skill?

Someone has told me I can create very different and unique character voices. I write in the first person so, when reading different stories of mine they don’t sound or have the same vibe as others I’ve written. I felt pretty accomplished in that area when a fellow writer, I look up to, made that comment. I know creating different character voices can be fairly difficult.

If you’ve been writing for a while, what’s your best tip?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Not everyone will love your writing and not everyone is supposed to. Write the story and those that want to read and those who enjoy it are your readers. Writing is an art form. literally everything about art is subjective, take the pressure off yourself and just create.

A good friend of mine just learned this lesson, in her studies she’s learning tedious grammatical rules and it’s impacted her ability to just be creative when writing. Being able to turn off our inner editors in order to freely create is pretty dang important. Edit later.

If you’re new to writing, what is your biggest question?

I wouldn’t say I’m new. I’ve been writing for the past ten years, but I’d love to know how everyone is staying motivated? When you’re down in the dumps staring at the blank page, what gets you going - what keeps you going?

Are you looking for any new writers to follow, betas, CPs, or other types of writer buddies? If so, tell us who you’re looking for and connect with them in the comments!

I’m always up to connect with fellow writers! Leave links or your information in the comments and I’d love to support and encourage you. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook.

Speaking of connecting and supporting fellow writers, check out what Danielle and Jessica had to say in her own Author Newbie 2.0 tag!

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Danielle Apple
Danielle Apple
Jun 19, 2019

You have such raw, beautiful, and real stories! I'm glad I get to read them and am so excited to see your books on the shelves :)

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